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Phil Kassel - Bio

offers over 25 years experience in developing Promotional, Marketing and Entertainment concepts for film, television, video, corporate, non-profit and education. Phil began his education and training at the USC School of Cinema-Television. With a strong visual style and sense of composition, he entered the school with the intention of becoming a cameraman and director of photography, but eventually changed his focus to directing and writing.

Like most film school graduates, Phil worked on countless productions in a variety of positions while pursuing his own writing projects. His first staff job came at Meadway Productions, working as an assistant to Academy Award winning producer, Irving Allen. Phil eventually headed up development for Meadway, working on book material by author Paul Theroux as well as an original film project for The Beach Boys.

Film and television production work being the unpredictable creature it is, Phil transitioned to another staff position with Cinedco, Inc. Cinedco pioneered one of the first non-linear video editing systems, the Ediflex, and its clientele consisted mainly of major Hollywood studios and production companies. Phil cultivated his public relations and corporate communication skills keeping those clients happy as well as informed about system software and hardware improvements.

A member of the USC Cinema-Television Alumni Association, Phil was asked to run for President of the association and was subsequently elected by the governing board. A fairly new entity at the time, the association was suffering from debt and many of the school's more famous alumni were vaguely aware it existed. By the end of his term in office Phil had eliminated the association's debts and elevated the organization's prestige by providing George Lucas and other illustrious alumni with lifetime memberships. Phil also infused the association with new vitality by implementing a variety of events exclusively for members: screenings of major Hollywood feature films, intimate living room soirees with industry professionals and even daylong seminars dealing with creative or technical topics of interest to members.

After a one-year term in office Phil left the USC Cinema-Television Alumni Association to return to freelance production work. Slightly more than a year later the board asked Phil to once again run for President. He declined the volunteer office but soon returned to the association in the salaried position of Executive Director. In that position he reinitiated many of the same programs he put in place as President, and authored a policy and operations manual for the organization.

While still working with USC Phil formed Philip Kassel Productions. He soon began working with Walt Disney Pictures and Buena Vista International Television, Inc., producing over 185 on-air promotional spots for them in a relationship that would span over twenty years.

Phil also established an ongoing relationship with Redline Studios, a production company focused on producing media for non-profit and charitable organizations. Working with Redline he wrote and co-produced a promotional video for Global Media Outreach that drew over $150 million in pledges and donations at a single donor conference. Videos written, produced and directed by Phil for Lift Up America, another Redline client, have contributed to the inflow of millions of dollars in cash donations, corporate service and product donations.

Again partnering with Redline Studios Phil wrote and directed over 30 episodes of Secrets Of Success, a Biography-style business television series. Broadcast around the globe the program amassed a worldwide audience of over 2 billion viewers and drove over 1.3 million visitors monthly to the show's official web site. The show also contributed to raising over $400 million for the non-profit organization that sponsored it.

In the world of entertainment MGM Studios optioned Phil's comedy-western, Small In The Saddle, as a directing project for Academy Award winner David Ward. He also enjoys an ongoing relationship with The Braun Entertainment Group; these veteran film and television producers maintain an active interest in two of Phil's screenplays, Black Shadow Moon (a supernatural suspense-thriller), and Tomb Of The Golden Bird (a romance-adventure based on the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamen). Phil is currently a producing-directing partner with Redline Studios for two original feature film projects, Hunting Paul's Hoffner and Camp X.

In addition to being an accomplished screenwriter, Phil's first novel, Black Shadow Moon, adopted from his screenplay, is making the rounds of New York publishers. A second novel is underway. Drawing on his experience as a published songwriter, Phil co-authored a book on inspirational songwriting, Songs From Heaven, with internationally prominent recording artist, songwriter and worship leader, Tommy Walker.

Phil served for two years as an adjunct professor for the Act One Screenwriting Program and taught for five years as an adjunct professor of screenwriting at Glendale College. He lives in the Los Angeles area and is currently represented by FinePrint Literary Management in New York City.

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